A Faster Donkey

The past 4 years have brought about quite a bit of change and this tiny little brand that began in 2012 is no exception.

It’s hard to say exactly what caused this metamorphosis…

Perhaps it was filming a TV show for ABC. Perhaps it was founding and developing a group fitness gym (Rumble). Most definitely it was falling in love and getting married. And truthfully, it was all of it. Life changes us and ain’t that grand?

And so things around here are different:

👩🏽‍🔬🥦 The most notable difference is that The Bandana Training Club is a joint venture with Mel (wifey) – who is both an incredibly kind and dangerously smart Dietitian. That means you’ll have access to some of the best nutrition info and education on the interwebs.

📹 You’ll also find a lot more video content, which is the way of the world in these modern times. While I’m still partial to the written word, Mel has the face of an angel and so deserves a camera.  

🤨 Together we are collectively more interested in discussing the nuances of training and nutrition and less interested in defending a singular point of view. So you can expect more fact and less fad.  

🏘 We’re most interested in building a community of like-minded fitness enthusiast and least interested in trying to become “influencers,” and so our hope is to get to know you. We love questions & comments, even if it’s a simple hello. If you find a post helpful, we’d love to hear why. If you find some info disagreeable, let’s talk about it (respectfully.)

🔍 We’re also committed to being transparent about our evolving relationship with health, fitness, and nutrition and less interested in trying to portray a glossy highlight reel. Keeping it real, health is complicated and we find it irresponsible to oversimplify the truth.

When you look at the pantheon of brands, it seems like some are built like sports cars – pretty, shiny, and often driven by douchebags. Others are built like rocket ships – marvelous, complex, and wildly expensive. The Bandana Training Club is built like a donkey. Helpful. Humble. And ready to climb with you.

Let’s get to work,
Rob & Mel

Say hello!

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Ryan Koleda

I appreciate you both and your compassionate, vulnerable, and fun approach to fitness! Excited to continue on this ever evolving journey with BTC!

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