Goal: To re-inspire your at-home training routine and get the absolute most out of living room training program with minimal equipment.

Equipment: A set of dumbbells and a couch, bench, or autumn (to elevate your hands, feet, and torso.)

Workouts per week: 3 Living Room Strength Workouts + Optional Conditioning & Mobility Work (these classes are included).

Gym Membership Required? No. You can do this entire program in your living room.

Length: Each phase is 6 weeks. There are 4 phases, so the entire program is 24 weeks.

Working out at home is incredibly convenient. But most at-home workout routines are random, disorganized, and generally uninspired. Body by Bandana aims to change this.

The first thing you’ll notice in Body by Bandana is a training calendar. I find a weekly schedule to be beneficial because it organizes our routine and establishes clear objectives for each training day. Monday is Glute City, Wednesday is Pull & Posterior, and Friday is The Theory of Everything Else. These are the cute names I gave to each workout which are all full-body with a special emphasis. To be honest, this program is based on the at-home routine I originally created for Mel (wifey) during quarantine. Then I had a few friends who asked if I could write a living room strength program for them and eventually I developed it into an entire 4 phase system. I’m always hesitant to gender training programs, but I will say it includes a lot of glute training and rounds it out nicely with enough full-body work to keep the routine balanced.

The best part of Body by B is that it is an easy entry point to a systematic, organized approach to strength training. You’ll find each training day broken down into exercise, sets, reps, tempo, and rest period. There is also a video of me demonstrating each exercise so you know exactly what to do.

More than anything, Body by B is about establishing quality training habits. You can plug-n-play Dumbbell Club classes into your week (all of which are included) or choose a class or cardio alternative (such as Rumble TV or Peloton). If training 5 days per week seems overwhelming, I’d encourage you to start with the 3 strength days. As with all training, what matters most is consistency. You’ll get much more from training 3 days per week for 6 weeks than you will from training 5 days per week for 1 week.

If you’re looking to re-inspire your at-home routine, get organized, and establish quality training habits that challenge your body week-after-week, you’ve come to the right place.

Let the games begin.

– Rob