Nutrition By Mel

  • Registered Dietitian – Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • MS in Nutrition & Dietetics – State University College at Oneonta
  • Certified Sports Nutritionist – International Society of Sports Nutrition

Melanie Sulaver (Boehmer) MS, RD, CISSN has dedicated her life to a comprehensive understanding of health and wellness with specialties in performance nutrition and women in sport.

After completed her Masters Degree and dietetic internship in 2013, Mel has worked in various hospital systems in New York State as a Registered Dietitian. More recently she’s dedicated most of her time to her private nutrition consulting practice – Nutrition By Mel.

“Working with a nutritionist who listened to my needs, is anti-diet culture, and fully supported me fueling my body to feel my best is exactly the kind of nutritionist we need more of in the industry. You are truly a gift.”

– @iamchrissyking

As the CEO and Founder of Nutrition By Mel, she consults with Nike and the Metropolitan Opera House and works privately with Olympic athletes, moms, and similar super heroes to improve their relationship to food.

This past year, Mel presented at the first ever Female Health and Performance Conference alongside industry leaders like Dr. Stacey Sims and Dr. Kathryn Ackerman.

Mel has made it her mission to empower female athletes to better fuel for performance and in doing so, has carved out a niche as an industry leading practitioner. She continues to challenge outdated nutrition recommendations for athletes, moms, and moms-to-be and is bringing awareness to the crossroads of nutrition and female reproductive health. True to herself, she does it all with her trademark kindness and compassion.

“Thank you Nutrition By Mel for showing me gentle tools for feeding my body and mind that work for ME.”


To fully understand the benefits of working with Mel, you have to experience it for yourself. Melanie offers one-on-one coaching for a minimum of three months. This 3 month commitment is necessary to authentically address nutrition changes and is required. The cost is $850 per month for weekly sessions and $450 per month for sessions done every other week. 

DescriptionWhat’s included?Cost
3 Months of One-On-One Nutrition CoachingInitial assessment (usually 1 hour) – exploring relationship with food, diet history, health habits, & body image. Weekly half-hour check in’s for three months – establishing progressive and goal oriented nutritional changes.    Supplement Recommendations $850 / month with a 3 month commitment for weekly sessions.

$450 / month with a 3 month commitment for sessions done twice a month.

*After the 3 months commitment, Mel often continues to works with clients to address accountability and goal oriented nutrition changes. The rate for this depends on the level of accountability that is most helpful and is handled on a case-by-case basis.

Because this work is intimate and personal, Mel is only able to work with a handful of clients at a time and there is currently a waitlist. If you’re interested, please fill out the form below.

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“So far since I’ve graduated from working with you, I’ve gotten my period every 30-40 days (as the months have gone on, this time has gotten shorter and shorter). I lived without a period for over 3 years and did not want to admit to myself that I was having issues with body image and with my relationship with food- I was scared that this reality would put me out of my sport. You challenged and addressed not only the fueling component but my disordered thoughts as well. Not only do I have a period now, I also have a healed relationship with food and furthermore, my sport. What you do is amazing and I’m so excited to see how you grow in your practice helping other women and athletes who are in a similar position as I once was. You rock!”

– JT