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“I picked Rob to be on the Board of Advisors for because he’s one of the smartest and best in the business. He’s exactly the kind of person I was looking for when I started my site – driven, intelligent, and yes, badass.”

– Arnold Schwarzenegger

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“I think of Rob as the elite Delta Force of trainers. Highly skilled for any and all physical situations (including training feeble editor types) but smarter, cooler, and nimbler than your average gym warrior. He manages the rare trick of having enviable physical knowledge and expertise and being fiercely intelligent about the body, health, fitness, and nutrition.

He’s also intuitive, articulate, and incredibly positive, all of which I think are important and hard to find in one superhuman Delta Force individual. 

(Also, he’s funny, but that’s a bonus.)” 

– Jim Nelson, Previous Editor-In-Chief GQ Magazine


“In the grand scheme of it all, our athletic careers are short. But competing in sport at a high level tends to build a work ethic and resolve that far outlasts our competitive days. 

And even as we become young professionals, middle-aged parents, or aging business owners, it’s still quite enjoyable to tap into the hard-boiled, purposeful work that is the trademark of athletic training.

Which is the direction I’ve decided to head with The Bandana Training Club – applying the principles of high level athletic training to those of us who aren’t necessarily training for any particular sport but want to maintain a solid athletic foundation.

Non Sport-Specific Athletic Training, if you will. Yea. I like that.”

– Rob Sulaver, Founder of The Bandana Training Club

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