Custom Training Programs: N of 1

Custom programming is ideal for athletes who have unique needs that aren’t addressed with our current roster of training plans or for anyone looking for a program custom tailored to their specs. Perhaps you have a wedding coming up and you want to shred the dance floor? Perhaps you want to train for a marathon but have a crazy work schedule? Perhaps you moonlight as a vigilante superhero and need to rid Gotham of its villains and mobs? Whatever the case, we’ll engineer a program to fit your needs.

Here’s how it works…

Step 1) Fill out the intake form below.

Step 2) After I review, we’ll schedule a phone call to discuss your current routine in more detail and start to brainstorm what would make your training more exciting, enjoyable, and effective. 

Step 3) Based on your goals, ideal training schedule, training history, and available equipment, I’ll put together a custom 6 week training plan. Your entire training calendar will be programed and you’ll receive a training package that includes your weekly training schedule and each individual workout charted from start to finish.

Step 4) We’ll then schedule a zoom call to review the program and answer any questions you might have.

Most of the exercises in the program are linked to video demonstrations such as these:

Step 5) In 5-6 weeks, after you’ve made some solid progress, we can repeat the process with a new training phase, revised plan, and fresh routine.

  • $300 per program
  • Includes initial phone call, training package, and video chat to review program

“Rob’s customized training program has really improved my overall health and running performance. He’s made me love strength training and making the time to focus on mobility exercises. I’m a better athlete both mentally and physically thanks to Rob’s guidance!”

– Christina A.

Custom Marathon Race Prep Training Program

Goals: To run you best possible marathon and maintain or build strength as you do. 

Necessary Equipment: Whatever you have available. 

Workouts per week: Based on your schedule, although 3-4 runs + 2-3 strength training days usually works best. 

Gym Membership Required? Not required, but we’ll take advantage if you do.

Length: 12 week minimum commitment

Cost: $300 every 6 weeks

Your program will be based on your goals, current routine, training frequency, and available equipment. We’ll establish a training calendar that balances running with strength training and begins with weekly milage that feels reasonable. This programing is an excellent way to make sure your training volume increases gradually and systematically instead of a haphazard I-feel-good-so-I’ll-run-farther approach. I’ll provide a pacing chart based on your goal so you know exactly how fast your various runs should be. I program a variety of runs including Easy, Marathon Race Pace, Maximum Lactate Stead State Training, Intervals, and Speed Work, each of which is aimed at a specific adaptation.

You’ll get a customized training calendar right up until race day. I find it most helpful to create the first 6 week training block and then check-in part way through the program before designing and discussing the second 6 week training block. If your marathon is 10-14 weeks away, we can also extend or shorten phases if necessary. However, if your marathon is in a few weeks, I may love you but this is not the program for you because, let’s be real…you can’t train for a marathon in a few weeks.

If interested, please fill out the information below.