Goal: To re-inspire your at-home training routine and get the absolute most out of living room training program with minimal equipment.

Equipment: A set of dumbbells and a couch, bench, or autumn (to elevate your hands, feet, and torso.)

Workouts per week: 5 in total. 3 Living Room Strength Workouts + 2 Follow Along DB Club Workout (these classes are included).

Gym Membership Required? No. You can do this entire program in your living room.

Length: Each phase is 6 weeks. There are 4 phases, so the entire program is 24 weeks.

Working out at home is incredibly convenient. But most at-home workout routines are random, disorganized, and generally uninspired. Homebody by Bandana aims to change this.

The first thing you’ll notice in Homebody by Bandana is a training calendar. I find a weekly schedule to be beneficial because it organizes our routine and establishes clear objectives for each training day. Monday is Glute City, Wednesday is Pull & Posterior, and Friday is The Theory of Everything Else. These are the cute names I gave to each workout which are all full-body with a special emphasis. To be honest, this program is based on the at-home routine I originally created for Mel (wifey) during quarantine. Then I had a few friends ask if I could write a living room strength program for them and eventually I developed it into an entire 24 week system.

The best part of Homebody by Bandana is that it is an easy entry point to a systematic, organized approach to strength training. You’ll find each training day broken down into exercise, sets, reps, tempo, and rest period. There is also a video of me demonstrating each exercise so you know exactly what to do.

More than anything, Homebody by Bandana is about establishing quality training habits. You can plug-n-play Dumbbell Club classes into your week (all of which are included) or choose a class or cardio alternative (such as Rumble TV or Peloton). If training 5 days per week seems overwhelming, I’d encourage you to start with the 3 strength days. As with all training, what matters most is consistency. You’ll get much more from training 3 days per week for 6 weeks than you will from training 5 days per week for 1 week.

If you’re looking to re-inspire your at-home routine, get organized, and establish quality training habits that challenge your body week-after-week, you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s our weekly training calendar:

Phase 1

While The Dumbbell Club is obviously superior, feel free to substitute another cardio or MetCon style class (such as Rumble TV or Peloton).

As for our living room sessions, here is a breakdown your workouts for Phase 1…