The Need-to-Knows

Goal: Using the science of glute hypertrophy to add some mass to your ass with sass and class.

Necessary Equipment: Barbell, Dumbbells, Bench, Rack, Ab Cart or Wheel, Lat Pulldown Machine, Seated Abductor Machine, Seated Adductor Machine.

Workout per week: 3 full body lifts + 2 optional cardio days 

Gym Membership Required? Not necessarily. A well stocked home gym with the equipment listed above will do the trick (the abductor machine can be subbed for clamshells and the adductor can be subbed for isometrics in the frog positions)

Length: 6 weeks.

The Good-to-Knows

This video covers the principles this program is based upon including glute function and anatomy, the science of glute hypertrophy, the 4 major categories of glute training, the difference between the scoop and the hinge method of thrusting, and a bit on program design. Honestly, you should watch it.