About Mel

  • Registered Dietitian – Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • MS in Nutrition & Dietetics – State University College at Oneonta
  • Certified Sports Nutritionist – International Society of Sports Nutrition

Melanie Sulaver MS, RD, CISSN has dedicated her life to a comprehensive understanding of performance nutrition. As the Founder of Nutrition By Mel, she has consulted with Nike, the Metropolitan Opera House, and numerous gyms, physical therapy practices, and run clubs. This past year she has presented at the International Society of Sports Nutrition and the National Strength and Conditioning Association National Conference. Mel works privately with college and Olympic athletes, parents, and other superheroes to improve their relationship to food.

“Mel, I am so grateful to have you! You’re always so gentle and kind and accepting and I appreciate it more than you know. ❤️ I wish everyone could have a Mel in their life. The world would be a much better place ☺️.”

– Jennifer S.

Private Performance Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition is one of the most underutilized performance variables in sport. Even at the collegiate and professional levels, athletes do not often get the nutritional support they need to maximize their potential. The added demands of training, travel, academics, and competition only add to the chaos and it’s often when athletes need the highest quality fuel that their nutrition is the least optimal.

To address these issues, Melanie offers one-on-one performance nutrition coaching. There is a 3 month minimum commitment which is necessary to authentically address nutrition changes and is required. The cost is $1000 per month for weekly sessions and $550 per month for sessions done every other week.

  • 3 month minimum (required)
  • $1000 / month for weekly sessions
  • $550 / month for sessions every other week.

What’s included?

  • An exploratory call to make sure we’re a good fit for each other (with no commitment)
  • Initial assessment (usually 1 hour – although I don’t put time restrictions on our sessions) exploring your relationship with food, diet history, health habits, & performance goals
  • Weekly (or bi-weekly) coaching sessions establishing progressive and goal oriented nutrition changes
  • Supplement Recommendations
  • Text Support

After the 3 months commitment, Mel often continues to works with athletes to address accountability and goal oriented nutrition changes. The rate for this depends on the level of accountability that is most helpful and is handled on a case-by-case basis.

Because this work is intimate and personal, Mel is only able to work with a handful of clients at a time. If you’re interested, please fill out the form below.

“I did it Mel!! And under 6! I hit ALL my goals!! Big thank you Mel! I’ve never felt this strong on a race! I followed our hydration plan to the T (even had to stop and pee!! lol). I hit the run and I felt good and strong!! I LOVED it! I LOVE YOU Mel! 💖💫”

– Nathalie G. (Ironman 70.3)

Full Nutrition & Health Diagnostics

  • Single session (usually 75 minutes)
  • $375

If a 3 month commitment feels a bit intimidating, Mel also offers a full nutrition & health analysis. The attempt here is provide a more affordable entry point to legitimate lifestyle change, although additional self-directed work is almost always necessary after the assessment.

What’s included?

  • A detailed analysis of your relationship to food, diet history, health habits, & performance goals
  • An intimate conversation about self-directed strategies and techniques that would help address areas of concern
  • Supplement and other lifestyle recommendations

If you’re interested in Private Performance Nutrition Coaching or a Full Nutrition & Health Diagnostics, please fill out the form below to get started.