Mel and I both hope it’s obvious to you that we care very deeply about what we do. But there is a lot of influencer noise in the nutrition and fitness space and it’s a constant challenge to distinguish oneself from the well-followed-wanna-be’s, movie-star turned marketing micro-bloggers, and bored housewives who got a weekend certification in gut-health and are now “healers.”

Testimonials are one of the most powerful ways we can showcase our approach, our vibe, and our expertise to prospective clients.

It would mean a lot to us if you could share a few sentences about your experience working with Mel, your feelings about your custom training program from Rob, or your thoughts on the Bandana Training Club at large.

Below are some of the testimonials we’ve gotten over the years that might help inspire a few words.

My Testimonial

  • Some people don't mind first and last name. Some people prefer first name, last initial. Some prefer to use their most common social media handle.
  • (Check out previous testimonials below for some inspo.)

What the people have said…

“Working with a nutritionist who listened to my needs, is anti-diet culture, and fully supported me fueling my body to feel my best is exactly the kind of nutritionist we need more of in the industry. You are truly a gift.”

– @iamchrissyking

“I picked Rob to be on the Board of Advisors for because he’s one of the smartest and best in the business. He’s exactly the kind of person I was looking for when I started my site – driven, intelligent, and yes, badass.”

– Arnold Schwarzenegger

“Thank you Nutrition By Mel for showing me gentle tools for feeding my body and mind that work for ME.”


“I think of Rob as the elite Delta Force of trainers. Highly skilled for any and all physical situations (including training feeble editor types) but smarter, cooler, and nimbler than your average gym warrior. He manages the rare trick of having enviable physical knowledge and expertise and being fiercely intelligent about the body, health, fitness, and nutrition.

He’s also intuitive, articulate, and incredibly positive, all of which I think are important and hard to find in one superhuman Delta Force individual. 

(Also, he’s funny, but that’s a bonus.)”

– Jim Nelson, Previous Editor-In-Chief GQ Magazine

“I was 100% skeptical about this online program especially since I knew it all (or at least I thought I did.) I figured that I had been lifting on/off for 25+ years so what could some trainer do for me?

I could not have been more wrong.”

– Scott H.

“I’m super excited about the RunStrong programs! It’s been awhile since I’ve been running regularly and I was looking for a way to slowly get back into it. The walk-to-jog program is perfect!”

– Tina Napolitano

“This was the kick in the ass I needed to get to where I want to be.”

– Paul

“So far since I’ve graduated from working with you, I’ve gotten my period every 30-40 days (as the months have gone on, this time has gotten shorter and shorter). I lived without a period for over 3 years and did not want to admit to myself that I was having issues with body image and with my relationship with food- I was scared that this reality would put me out of my sport. You challenged and addressed not only the fueling component but my disordered thoughts as well. Not only do I have a period now, I also have a healed relationship with food and furthermore, my sport. What you do is amazing and I’m so excited to see how you grow in your practice helping other women and athletes who are in a similar position as I once was. You rock!”

– JT

“Love coming to the gym with a purpose.”

– Jasmin

“My glutes be feeling some type of way after week 3 of single leg RDL’s and hip thrusters.”

– Lynzee Saperstein

“I can now say that RFE split squats could be one of the rudest workouts created, but B stance squats might be a close second. And I mean this all in the best way possible!”

Ryan Koleda   

“I feel strong and capable and ready to tackle any other challenges that the next few months will bring.”

Rob L.