Goal: To finally start to jog, no matter how long it’s been. This program will gradually build up from walking to comfortably jogging for 20 minutes clips 3x per week.

Equipment: Running shoes and a set of dumbbells.

Workout per week: 5 total (3x walk/jogs, 2x full body living room strength workouts.) 

Gym Membership Required? No. You can do this program in your living room and outside.

Length: 12 weeks.

If you don’t consider yourself a runner, let’s change that. But a word of caution: the most common pitfall is to try to do too much too soon. This program lays out a thoughtful and progressive approach to accumulating walking and jogging volume gradually. It also includes a full-body resistance training program you can do in your living room with a set of dumbbells.

If you’ve never done a comprehensive walk/jog/lifting program, this will be an absolute game changer for both your strength and your cardiovascular development.

Each walk/jog session will take you 30 minutes. As you’ll see in your training calendar below, Week 1 starts with 1 minute jog / walk intervals. Throughout the program, your jogging intervals will gradually increase, eventually working your way towards 2 x 10 minute jog intervals in a session. Your total training time stays consistent each week, you simply end up jogging more and walking less. You’ll also notice that you won’t be jogging any more than 2 minutes at a time for nearly the first 4 weeks. Remember that with this type of training, we’re not only challenging our muscles and cardiovascular system, but also our bones, joints, and connective tissue. Follow the plan. Resist the urge to do more than is programmed. Enjoy the process. And really pay attention to how you’re feeling, especially after your walk/jogs when you’re producing those natural feel-good chemicals.

As for your strength training, everything is programmed in detail in your training chart below – Exercise, Sets, Reps, Tempo, and Rest Interval. Each exercise includes a video of me demonstrating it to keep your form on-point.

As always, around if you need me.

Go get ‘em tiger,

Phase 1

Here’s our weekly training calendar:

Feel free to move your training days around if necessary, but try to follow the same cadence of non-consecutive runs and lift.

As for our strength days on Tuesday and Thursday…