Fortitudine vincimus
“By endurance we conquer.” 

Running and strength training go together like Batman and Robin…like Bert and Ernie…like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. But traditional run programming never includes enough strength training. Best case scenario, the programs will include a day or two of crosstraining (which isn’t exactly a detailed prescription) or make broad recommendations: “Be sure to lift weights a few times per week.” They leave far too many questions unanswered:

  • Should I lift weights before or after I run?
  • Should I lift weight on my off day?
  • How much leg training should I do?
  • Should I skip legs all together since I’m always running?
  • Are there specific exercises that will help or hinder my training?
  • What about lifting during my taper?
  • How much volume is really reasonable?

These Race Prep Programs answer all of these questions and more with comprehensive and detailed plans. They combine thorough and thoughtful run programming with equally descriptive strength training programming. All of your training variables are laid out in a progressive and easy-to-follow routine. There are multiple programs to choose from, from advanced marathon prescriptions to walk / jog programs, and memberships give you access to the entire catalogue.

No matter what your experience, there’s a program to fit the bill.

What the people are saying…

“My first time on a treadmill with an actual plan of attack.”

Sebastian Lopez

“I’m super excited about the RunStrong programs! It’s been awhile since I’ve been running regularly and I was looking for a way to slowly get back into it. The walk-to-jog program is perfect!”

– Tina Napolitano 

“I was 100% skeptical about this online program especially since I knew it all (or at least I thought I did.) I figured that I had been lifting on/off for 25+ years so what could some trainer do for me?

I could not have been more wrong.”

– Scott H.