Old school training ethics.
New school methods.

The goal of the Bandana Training Club has been to provide a catalogue and curriculum of our training and nutrition philosophies. I’ll be completely honest with you: it’s a work in progress and it isn’t perfect, but it’s better than anything else I’ve seen. If you’re interested in taking your training to another level and utilizing principles and protocols of elite sport performance, poke around and find yourself a Strength Program or Endurance + Strength Program that aligns with your goals. The plans are comprehensive and easy-to-follow and include demo-videos of exercises and detailed prescriptions for every workout. That said, these programs are most successful for people who have some experience working out. If you’ve never lifted weights before, I would suggest first working with a trainer to build up your exercise knowledge and training IQ before tackling a BTC program.

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“I picked Rob to be on the Board of Advisors for Schwarzenegger.com because he’s one of the smartest and best in the business. He’s exactly the kind of person I was looking for when I started my site – driven, intelligent, and yes, badass.”

– Arnold Schwarzenegger

“I think of Rob as the elite Delta Force of trainers. Highly skilled for any and all physical situations (including training feeble editor types) but smarter, cooler, and nimbler than your average gym warrior. He manages the rare trick of having enviable physical knowledge and expertise and being fiercely intelligent about the body, health, fitness, and nutrition.

He’s also intuitive, articulate, and incredibly positive, all of which I think are important and hard to find in one superhuman Delta Force individual. 

(Also, he’s funny, but that’s a bonus.)” 

– Jim Nelson, Previous Editor-In-Chief GQ Magazine

I wish everyone could have a Mel in their life. The world would be a much better place ☺️.

– Jennifer S.

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“I was 100% skeptical about this online program especially since I knew it all (or at least I thought I did.) I figured that I had been lifting on/off for 25+ years so what could some trainer do for me?

I could not have been more wrong.”

– Scott H.

About Rob

Rob is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (National Strength and Conditioning Association), a Certified Sports Nutritionist (International Society of Sports Nutrition), and is currently pursuing his Master’s Degree in Exercise Science at the University of Michigan.

Major street cred includes:

  • Advisory Board for Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Co-Founder – Rumble Boxing
  • Trainer on the ABC show My Diet Is Better Than Yours (Premiered Jan. 2016)
  • Nike Trainer
  • Top 20 Fitness Experts Worth Following – Huffington Post
  • Top 50 Hottest Trainers in America – Shape Magazine
  • Top 100 Most Influential People in Health & Fitness – Greatist
  • Most Inspirational Fitness Accounts – BuzzFeed 

About Mel

  • Registered Dietitian – Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • MS in Nutrition & Dietetics – State University College at Oneonta
  • Certified Sports Nutritionist – International Society of Sports Nutrition

Melanie Sulaver (Boehmer) MS, RD, CISSN has dedicated her life to a comprehensive understanding of performance nutrition with specialties in women in sport, the pre/postpartum athlete, and disordered eating.

After completed her Masters Degree and dietetic internship in 2013, Mel has worked in various hospital systems in New York State as a Registered Dietitian. More recently she’s dedicated most of her time to her private nutrition consulting practice – Nutrition By Mel.

“Working with a nutritionist who listened to my needs, is anti-diet culture, and fully supported me fueling my body to feel my best is exactly the kind of nutritionist we need more of in the industry. You are truly a gift.”

– @iamchrissyking

As the CEO and Founder of Nutrition By Mel, she has consulted with Nike and the Metropolitan Opera House, presented at the International Society of Sports Nutrition, and works privately with Olympic athletes, moms, and other super heroes to improve their relationship to food.


I’m new around these parts. How do I get started?

First of all, I’d suggest checking out the Strength Programs or Endurance + Strength Programs and reading a bit about your various options. Once you find a training program that aligns with your goals, save it to the home screen of your phone for easy access. When you go to the gym, one click and you’ve got your entire workout loaded and ready to conquer.

Do you have any options for At-Home Training?

Sure do! Quickie Circuits for those just getting started with exercise.
Classes for those who like to have a follow-along workout. 
Homebody by Bandana for those who want to incorporate progressive overload and get a bit more serious about their at-home weight training.

What’s the best In-Gym Training Program?

They’re all great although Project Recomp is 4 phases (24 weeks of training) which makes it a monster of a program and nice starting point.

If I’m an athlete or ex-athlete, what training program would you suggest?

Check out French Contrast Training. The program is based around improving your rate of force development which is at the foundation of athletic training.

Are there beginner, intermediate, and advanced programs?

The beginner programs are the At-Home training programs and classes. The intermediate and advanced programs are the In-Gym programs.

I want to level up my nutrition. Where should I start?

I’d suggest you start by reading Nibbles which is basically our Nutrition Fundamentals Course. Then I’d look over Supplement School to make sure your supplements are in order. From there, you can start to watch the Fueling Club presentations which go into much more detail on the various topics of interest.

I’m looking for private coaching. What are my options?

If you’re looking for world class nutrition coaching from a Registered Dietitian, check out Private Nutrition Coaching. If you’d like a Custom Training Program designed to your individual specs, then Custom Program Design is for you.